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5 reasons why dog breeding is bad

5 Reasons Why Dog Breeding Is Bad

The next time you want to get a dog, you may want to consider adopting instead of shopping. There are so many dogs that are in desperate need of homes, and that is why there are rescue organizations to help provide dogs of that. Therefore, you will want to look into adopting a dog from a rescue agency or from a shelter, and remember that dogs who have come from abusive homes or rough starts are rehabilitated and can make excellent pets. However, that is up to you what you want to do, but you should be aware that dog breeding is bad, and let’s go over why that is.

There Are Too Many Dogs Around

There is an overpopulation of dogs. Even though owners are encouraged to fix their animals so they cannot reproduce, not every owner does that and ends up deciding to breed dogs whether they are planning to become registered breeders or not. However, breeders only add to the overpopulation of dogs, and if there were fewer breeders, then there would be fewer unwanted and stay dogs. Breeders certainly add to this problem.

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Some Breeders Have Bad Practices

Even the breeders with the best intentions are not perfect, but some breeders are dirty and employ bad breeding practices such as inbreeding. That is because they intend to have more of a population of dogs with a so-called superior breed. Therefore, if there are too many dogs of any particular breed, there is a good chance some inbreeding has happened. That can contribute to many health problems in the dogs, making the dog’s life miserable, and the owners will have to keep paying for expensive vet bills.

Encourages Puppy Mills

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Puppy mills are large breeding areas where profit is the only thing that the breeders care about. The breeders may breed too many dogs to the point that they no longer care about their health and well-being and only breed them for profit. What happens is that the breeders place their puppies in very unsanitary and crowded places without adequate food or veterinary care. That is one of the worst places for puppies to spend their early life and puppy mills can be incredibly traumatizing for them too. These puppy mills sell these dogs to pet shops once they are eight weeks old, or if there are no more pet shops accepting puppies, they will sell them online and through newspapers. Dogs raised in puppy mills are prone to many illnesses throughout their lives.

Ear Cropping And Tail Clipping

Many breeders practice ear cropping and tail clipping for stylish reasons for certain breeds such as schnauzers and shepherds, as it can be painful for the puppy. Tail clipping involves tying a rubber band around the tail to cut the blood supply until it falls off, and the sides of the ears are removed to make them pointy. There was a reason that breeders did that, which was more practical since it helped reduce rabies and ear infections. Still, it is not necessary anymore with medical and technological advances. It is cruel now.

Repeated Breeding Is Difficult On The Mother

Breeders often breed the same female several times within a span of two years or each time she is in heat. That is if she has produced beautiful and good-quality puppies. Repeated breeding is traumatic for the mother, and it is no different from a woman going through a pregnancy within six months of giving birth. The body cannot handle it.

The next time you want to adopt a dog, once again adopt from a shelter or rescue agency. Don’t shop, because shopping only encourages more breeding.