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Can Cats Get Colds? How to Spot the Symptoms

Can Cats Get Colds? How to Spot the Symptoms

Your cat has been sniffling and sneezing lately, and you may think that your cat could have allergies. However, you may also wonder if there is a chance that your cat caught a cold. Is that even possible? There is the belief that the cold virus would only affect humans, but the truth is, yes, the cold virus can circulate among felines too! Therefore, your cat can most definitely catch a cold. You will want to know how the cat caught a cold so you can prevent it from happening again if you can do that. Sometimes that is going to be out of your control.

What Types Of Cats Are More Likely To Catch Colds?

Here is the thing. If you have a cold, it is not likely that you will pass it onto your cat because the virus does not have that impact on felines as it does on humans. Cats will be prone to catching colds from other cats as it is highly contagious. Therefore, it is not likely that your indoor cat will catch a cold. That is something that your outdoor cat is prone to as they will interact and come across other cats. The only way your indoor cat can catch a cold is if you also have an outdoor cat that will bring the virus into the home.

Cat colds are different from human colds as they end up with an upper respiratory infection or a URI that is caused by bacteria or a virus. Humans cannot catch this type of cold, but cats will, especially if they are in closed quarters. That also means there is a possibility this could happen to your cat if you decide to board it. And if you plan to go on a long holiday to the point that you cannot leave the cat alone, then you will want to look for a reputable border that will be more likely to keep your cat safe. Now you know that your cat will be more likely to catch a cold if they are around other sick cats, and they catch it out of nowhere.

Let’s now talk about what signs to look for in a cat that has a cold. How do you know that your cat is sick?

How Do You Know That Your Cat Has A Cold?

If your cat is sneezing, sniffling, has watery eyes, and has a runny nose, then you will think that your cat may have allergies. However, if there is also a mild fever and your cat is coughing a lot and doesn’t want to eat much, then your cat has a cold. As long as your cat is not immunocompromised or elderly, there is a good chance that your cat will be fine, recover, and bounce back. There is no guarantee that a cat that is elderly and immunocompromised won’t either, but you have to ensure that it gets extra care.

However, when your cat is sick with a cold, all you can do is help them feel more comfortable by wiping their noses with a clean cloth as well as their eyes. You can use a saline solution as well with the cloth, and it may be a good idea to run a humidifier to prevent the air from being too dry for your cat as that will only make it more uncomfortable.

You will want to keep a bowl of hot water by their cage if they are too stuffed up and cover the cage with a blanket to help loosen the mucus. It is essential for your cat to eat and drink even if they don’t feel like it. Keep the food warm which may be easier for your cat to eat as well.

Over time, your cat will feel better, and there is only so much you can do. If your cat is worsening, then you will need to take it to the vet. A cold can turn into pneumonia so you don’t want to risk that.