7 amazing tips to stop a cat from scratching the furniture

7 amazing tips to stop a cat from scratching the furniture

Having a feline companion can be one of the most wonderful experiences that you can have. Unfortunately, it is common for cats to scratch at your furniture. Often, this can be frustrating to see your kitty causing damage to your home.

Why does your cat scratch the furniture?

You need to understand why your kitty is doing it. Your cat can scratch the furniture for many reasons. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

  • Scratching helps cats stretch and keep their muscles and body in good shape.
  • Scratching helps to release their physical and emotional energy. A cat might scratch if she’s uncomfortable, anxious, or bored.
  • Scratching helps a cat shed the outside nail husk and keeps the paws healthy.
  • Cats mark their territory by scratching. A cat’s paws contain scent glands, and scratching things releases odors that mark her territory.
  • Your cat might scratch to get your attention.

Tips to stop a cat from scratching the furniture

Tips to stop a cat from scratching the furniture

Your furniture is an important item in your house and contributes hugely to your home’s decor. You can train your cat not to scratch the furniture.

Here are some tips on reducing your cat’s scratching:

  • Understand why your cat is scratching

If your cat has to go out, you need to teach some ways to communicate that. But, of course, furniture scratching is not the right way to communicate. So it is up to you to show your cat a different way of communication.

  • Provide scratching posts

Your feline companion can still indulge in its natural scratching behavior but without destroying your furniture. Place scratching posts or stands near your hang-out spot to redirect your cat from scratching your furniture.

  • Try cat deterrent spray

You can make your furniture less appealing for your cat. Get an effective anti-scratch spray to discourage your kitty from sharpening their claws in the wrong places.

  • Make it sticky

Cats hate the feeling of the sticky adhesive catching on their claws. You can place double-stick tape on those furniture surfaces that your cat loves to scratch.

  • Environmental enrichment

Before you leave the house, you must ensure that your cat’s needs are well taken care of. For example, give your cat a catnip-infused toy with an excellent scratching surface and other fun activities. This will distract your kitty and keep them busy while you are away for work.

  • Provide a special napping spot

You must provide a special napping spot to your feline companion next to you. This will help them to avoid any destructive behavior like furniture scratching.

  • Teach by positive reinforcement technique

Positive reinforcement is the most promising way to train your cat not to scratch the furniture. Keep up the rewards for the non-scratching behavior of your cat. This can help to increase their self-control.

Pet Parent Tip: Declawing Is Not the Answer!

“Never declaw your cat. It is cruel, painful, and changes the way your kitty walks, balances, and interacts with her world. Also, front claws are your cat’s primary way of self-defense against the many dangers and predators.”

Final Thoughts

Furniture scratching is annoying, but it is not the end of the world. You can train your feline companion not to scratch the furniture by providing plenty of care, scratching posts, and the right training methods. If your cat has serious behavioral problems, find an experienced trainer who can handle challenging animals.

Remember that cats always have some reason to scratch the furniture. They aren’t doing it simply to irritate you or make you mad. Scratching is just their nature to leave their scent and mark territory. Responding with anger or punishment might cause further behavioral issues.

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