Can dogs eat cat food? Is it safe? Read before you feed

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? Is It Safe?

Here’s how the dog food is different from cat food and the answer to the question “can dogs eat cat food?”

When you have pets, many things come to your mind about what is possible and not. For example, you sometimes think that keeping them might be a little challenging if you have two opposite species, especially cats and dogs.

However, do you think that cat food and dog food smell the same? Well, many people believe that, and no, you are not weird! Many people believe that you can give cat food to dogs because they are all meat-based.

Cats Are Carnivores While Dogs Are Omnivores

The essential thing that you should know is that cats are carnivores, and as carnivores eat meat, it is evident that their dietary requirement will be fulfilled with meat only. They need major protein portions from meat, and that is why they LOVE it! The cat food contains meat-based products and fortified products that provide extra proteins to your pet.

But what about dogs? You might think that dogs love to chew bones, and they like meat, so they might be carnivores. But that’s not correct!

Dogs are omnivores, which leads us to the fact that dogs need meat and other products to fulfill their dietary requirements. So that answers your question the clearest!

Craving Is Not Equal To Need

I know that there are many queries in your head and you are curious to find out about all of them. But we know what you are thinking. For example, how come your dog loves to eat cat food when it’s bad for your dog?

The answer is simple. They crave cat food because it has more meat than dog food, and it is more chewy and palatable. They would die to get their paws on the cat food, and if they get hold of it, they finish it up in seconds!

But it doesn’t need to be a requirement. Just because your dog loves to eat it doesn’t mean that it is good for it!

It Can Lead To Obesity Or Pancreatitis

What happens when your dogs start to eat cat food? Do they get sick more often?

The answer to that question is YES! Absolutely!

As cat food contains more proteins as it is purely meat-based, it can lead to serious problems for your dog. It can lead to obesity due to the excess of calories.

On the other hand, it can lead to Pancreatitis or other diseases that might disturb the bowel movement and digestion of food.

It might not be evident at first. But it does its damage slowly, and till you notice, it can cause serious problems.

Don’t ignore these warning signs you should take your dog to the vet

When Is Cat Food Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food? When Is Cat Food Safe For Dogs?

You might see someone feed their dog, cat food, and they will tell you that their vet told them to do it. And this makes you think that maybe it is good for them.

There are certain times in which dogs might need cat food. But it totally depends on the present situation of the disease.

Dogs might need cat food when they are old because cat food is more palatable and juicy and has more calories. At the same time, when your dog is underweight, it might need cat food to gain weight faster and better.

You can ask your vet if your dog needs cat food in such conditions. But you should know that you cannot give them cat food on your own as it can lead to serious problems for you and your dog.

How To Keep Your Dog Away From Cat Food?

Do you have a hard time keeping the cat food from your dog? We have all been there!

Lucky for you, we will tell you tips to keep cat food away from your dog. Here’s how:

  • Try keeping the cat food away from the dog food. It will make the dog think that it is not there, and it will not crave it. Or you can store it somewhere in the back of the house where the dog doesn’t usually go.
  • You can keep the timetable of your cat and dog separate. When you give cat food to your cat while your dog eats dog food, it might want the other one. However, if you feed them separately, they will stick to their own.
  • Build a habit of feeding and diversifying the food. Try giving meat at times and a plant-based diet at other times. Or you can give different foods at a single time in combination with a fixed routine.

All you need is a little care and a little effort, and you will be fantastic with your pet!

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