8 Sweet & Strange Ways Cats Show They Love You

8 Sweet & Strange Ways Cats Show They Love You

All the pets show love and affection to their parents and caretakers, and the cats do so too. For example, dogs jump on their parents and start licking them when they come home to show affection, love, and care. Similarly, your cat secretly shows appreciation through covert actions. For example, some cats rub themselves against you while others start circling your legs.

It might be challenging to read the behavior, but these signs will start revealing their meanings to you over time.

Following are the most common eight ways through which your cat shows love and care that you may misinterpret:

Your Cat is Rubbing against you

Your Cat is Rubbing against you

Being a cat owner, you must have observed that your cat rubs against your feet whenever you come home. No doubt it is the cat’s way of showing love, similar to the dog jumping at you to say welcome. It may be annoying for you but never push your cat aside, instead pick your child up and cuddle at this time to say ‘I love you.

Your Cat is bitting you

Cat bite is generally considered a bad habit, but while playing your cat may bite you that may annoy you. It is a way of showing extreme love. These little bites are similar to ‘love bites.’ So, as a parent, you need to differentiate between a bite that is a bad habit and a love bite.

Your Cat is circling you

Another cat’s way of showing love is that cat circles around your legs along with rubbing against you. Cats also move in a circle to show excitement and energy. But there is also a disease named Circling Disease or Listeriosis in which cat moves in circles. You can easily differentiate this disease from usual circling through other signs of this disease like hypersalivation and half-side face paralysis.

Your Cat is purring

Your Cat is purring

Purring is one of the very distinct ways by which cats show happiness. Purring is making low-level meow sounds but it can also be the covert sign of a low pain level. You, as a parent, need to correlate the energy level of your beloved child to decode the meaning of purring.

Your Cat is sitting along with you

Cats love to sit along with the people they love and especially they like to sit in front of the window looking outside-facing their back towards you. So, to show your love for your pet you can sit along with the window and read a book or have a coffee while patting your cat. This is one of the ways to give your cat a treat.

Your Cat is showing you its belly

Cats generally do not show their belly to anyone and do not like someone to touch their belly. They consider touching their belly a threat. If your cat shows you its belly while playing with it is a sign of extreme love and trust. You can say that your cat is happy with you and trusts you utmost.

But at the same time, it can be a sign of showing you some pain. If you rub your cat’s belly and it bites you or runs away, then it is an abdominal pain that may be due to worms or another trauma and you should consult a veterinarian.

Your Cat is sitting in your Lap

Your Cat is sitting in your Lap

Cats love to sit in the lap of their parents. Sometimes your cat will come towards you and start circling in front of you with your tail moved a bit upwards and body curved. Then it will sit in your lap making itself round like a ball and may start moving tail against your face. That’s how cats usually show love for their caretakers. After that cat starts saying Meow in a low voice and looks straight into your eyes after intervals.

Sometimes this becomes annoying, especially when you are working or doing some important work. Even cats get angry if you do not pat and rub them when they come to you. Cats have high energies and you need to circulate this energy through the walk and different games.

Your Cat is bringing things for you

Some parents complain that their cats keep bringing various objects from different corners of the house and disturb the placement of objects. That’s how cats show affection to you. Sometimes they bring toys and sometimes they bring dead animals like rats and seek your attention. So, it would help if you did not get angry at this, you can even find your lost stuff through this someday.


Above discussed are the top 8 Ways Your Cat Secretly shows affection out of many ways that you will know during your journey with this beautiful creature. A pet parent should read the pet’s behavior very carefully and immediately consult a veterinarian if find any change.

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The role of pets is to teach us to love, not to replace love!