Why does your dog bark at night and how can you stop it?

Why Does Your Dog Bark At Night And How Can You Stop It?

It’s evening time and while you are settling down after a long day at work and after finishing your dinner, you want to watch TV in peace. However, your dog will not let that happen because he or she feels the need to bark. And it can also happen late at night when you are going to bed. Your dog’s barking is disrupting the peace and it is extremely frustrating. However, your dog is not barking to be deliberately annoying. Let’s find out why your dog bark at night, and what you can do to stop it.

Good reasons why dog bark at night and how to stop it

1Your Dog May Be Sensitive To Noise Outside

Your Dog May Be Sensitive To Noise Outside

Your dog’s hearing is more sensitive than yours which is why any outdoor noise that is happening can be causing them to bark. You may notice this more if your neighbor is having renovations done in their home where it is noisy, or if there is construction going on nearby. Perhaps there is a loud car or truck in the area. That can cause your dog to bark, and what can you do to stop it? Keep the TV on, or even put on a white noise machine, or you can find a white noise app on your tablet or smartphone which can help drown out the external noise. However, if that is not what is going on, there could be another reason.

2Your Dog Did Not Get Their Walk

If your dog is not getting enough exercise, that is going to make them restless. Therefore, when your dog is restless, then they will begin to bark and they may even run around. That is why it is important for your dog to get a walk each day. If the weather does not permit your dog to get a walk, then you will want to find ways to keep them active during the day. Maybe run around the house for several minutes when that happens which can tire your dog out, and lessen the odds of them barking at night. However, if you did walk your pooch and they are still barking, then there is another reason.

3Why Does Your Dog Bark At Night? Maybe Your Dog Is Bored?

Why Does Your Dog Bark At Night? Maybe Your Dog Is Bored?

Boredom is a killer because dogs that are bored do not know what to do with themselves. Therefore, they are likely to bark at night if they are bored. How can you cure that? You can put a treat into a Kong and let your dog keep themselves busy by getting the treat out of it. That is one idea to stimulate your dog. Or, you can play with your dog using a tug toy, or do some roughhousing if your dog likes that. What if that does not work? There is definitely another reason.

4Your Dog May Be Easily Startled By Noises

If your dog is easily startled by noises, especially if you have a rescue, then that will cause them to bark as some noises can make them fearful. That means they may also feel nighttime anxiety if that happens. If your dog bark at night for no apparent reason, they may also be overprotective of you and will bark each time a strange noise happens. You can reassure your dog by giving them some pets and telling them that everything is okay. If they see your demeanor is calm and you are reassuring, they should stop.

5Your Dog Wants Attention

Your dog may simply want your attention if they are barking because that is the only way that your dog will get it. They will walk up to you, sit, and bark when they want your attention. So what do you do? You could either tell them “no” because you don’t want to enable their barking for attention, and then give them the attention when they are quiet, or you can give in and give into them anyway!

Having a dog is like having a child, and if you try all of these tricks and your dog is still barking, then you may need to take them to the vet to see if there is something potentially bothering them. Maybe they need some obedience training.

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