Are dogs better than cats? Let’s look at the reasons that they are

There has always been this divergence of opinion between dogs and cats. Some of us are great lovers of dogs, others are great lovers of cats, and there are often disputes about who is better. Dogs or cats?

Are Dogs Better Than Cats? Let’s Look At The Reasons That They Are

If you are a cat person, you will be offended by reading this article. That is because the fact of the matter is, there are many reasons that dogs are better than cats. That does not mean your furry feline friend is useless at all, as you love your cat and that is all that matters. However, there are several scientific reasons that dogs are better than cats, and it has nothing to do with anyone being biased at all. Let’s go over the scientific reasons why dogs are better than cats.

7You Don’t Have To Worry About Cleaning Litter Boxes

Yes. It takes time to housebreak a puppy the way it takes time to litter train a cat. And even once the dog knows that their potty is outside, they can have accidents, but so can cats. Your pets are not perfect regardless of whether you have a dog or a cat. However, most of the one, once the puppy is trained to pee or poop outside, they will. When you have a cat, you have to deal with cleaning out litter boxes and kitty litter is not cheap. Not to mention, your cat can track it all over the home or apartment. Sure, you still have to clean up the mess that the dog leaves outside, but at the same time, you keep it outside and there is no need to bring it in.

6Dogs Are More Docile And Obedient

Some dogs are not overly docile and obedient which is why those dogs need training such as going to obedience school. However, eventually, they will learn what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Most dogs are naturally docile and obedient because they want to please their owners. Cats, however, don’t care about that as they will do what they please. If you try to teach a cat command, they may be smart enough to learn it but won’t care about using it. Cats are not interested in making you happy.

Do you know why do dogs chase cats?

5Dogs Enjoy Having Fun With You

Dogs are interactive, and they want to play with you, and that is why they want to play fetch, tug of war, or run around with you. Cats also like to play with their strings or cat toys, but they only want to play independently which means they are not there to make you happy by any means. If you try to play with a cat, they may hiss at you because they want to be independent.

4Dogs Accept Change Quicker

There are some dogs that are fearful and have anxiety, but most dogs as a species are much more adaptable to change than cats are. Cats do not trust that easily whereas dogs will trust once they sniff around the area and sniff someone new who they meet. Then they will be more likely to accept new people and new situations. However, cats don’t for a while and will keep their distance, and make it known that they will not accept anyone easily.

3You Can Control Dogs Easier

You can crate train dogs, and you can keep them in their crates if you don’t trust them around the house if you have to leave them for a few hours. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your dogs ruining your sofas or anything else if you are not home. In fact, dogs consider their crates as their homes. However, you cannot crate train a cat as they will scratch furniture and anything else, and leave hairballs across the floor.

2You Can Train Dogs Easier And They Have Potential To Become Service Animals

Because dogs are eager to please, you can train them and you can even train them to become service animals. However, some breeds of dogs are more likely to become trained to be service animals than others. Cats, however, will not allow you to train them as they will have an easier time training you!

1Dogs Will Protect You

Dogs have the protective instinct which means they will scare strangers away from the home unless you as the owner welcome them into the house. If you welcome them, then that means the dog will trust them too. However, if you don’t like someone who is at the door, your dog will scare them away. Cats will never do any of that.

Cats may be lower maintenance, but dogs as a whole are scientifically better than cats – and the reasons above are why.

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