Why Would A Dog’s Urine Smell Like Ammonia?

Why Would A Dog’s Urine Smell Like Ammonia?

The odor of ammonia coming from urine is what you would expect from cats as you smell it strongly when the cat urinates somewhere outside of the litter box. And then once the urine sets, you smell it strongly. However, there are also instances when your dog’s urine can have an ammonia odor. And no, it is not normal because your dog’s urine has a smell of ammonia. Now, that does not necessarily mean it should be a cause for concern. The first reason to list is the reason that your dog’s urine should not be a cause for concern if it has the odor of ammonia. However, there are three other reasons that you will want to get your dog checked out if the first reason is not applicable. Let’s now go over four reasons that your dog’s urine smells of ammonia.

You Changed Your Dog’s Diet

If you changed your dog’s diet for health reasons, or your dog no longer was interested in eating its old food, then there are likely new combinations of foods or ingredients that are causing Fido’s urine to smell of ammonia. Especially if your dog’s diet is consisting of fish or asparagus, then that will cause the pee to have a pungent odor. If your dog is healthy otherwise and there are no concerns other than the smell of the dog’s pee, then there is nothing to worry about at all. Hopefully, your dog will not have an accident in the house which will cause the house to smell of ammonia which is not what you want.

Your Dog Is Dehydrated

If your dog is not drinking enough or has been sick, and not eating either, then that can cause your dog’s urine to smell of ammonia. There is not enough water or fluids to dilute the creatine, urea, and other compounds which will end up smelling of ammonia after those compounds begin to decompose. If your dog is not sick that you are aware of but you fear that the water intake is poor, your dog needs a visit to the vet to see why your dog is not drinking enough water.

Your Dog Could Have A UTI

Your dog could have a UTI or a urinary tract infection and that happens when there are bacteria that end up in your dog’s urethra. The bacteria could come from debris or feces, but you know how unpleasant these infections are. It would be torture for your dog, and you will notice something is off when your dog is licking their genitals and having trouble urinating. And when they do urinate, it has a strong ammonia odor. That will also mean that it is time to take your dog to the vet if you suspect your dog has a UTI.

Your Dog May Have Kidney Disease

dog's urine smell like ammonia - Your Dog May Have Kidney Disease

The worst-case scenario as to why your dog’s urine has the odor of ammonia is that your dog would have kidney disease. Your dog could even be suffering from kidney failure and in that case, there will be a lot more waste components in the kidneys which is why the urine will have the foul ammonia odor. And your dog would also be lethargic, not having the desire to eat, and not acting like its usual self.

If your dog’s urine smells of ammonia, you will want to consult with the vet because it may be a sign that something is wrong. The earlier it is caught, the quicker it will reverse itself. However, when it comes to kidney failure, there is not much that you can do. It is unpleasant and if the smell of the urine is the result of the change in diet, then there is nothing to worry about at all.

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